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Zipp Super-9 Tubeless Disc-Brake TT Dischjul

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Smoother is faster with the Zipp Super-9 Tubeless Disc-Brake Disc to modern triathlon and time trial bikes. Among the lightest disc wheels available, the Super-9 is a superior addition to your modern triathlon and time trial bike. Its refined shape runs wide and parallel from the hub until it feathers inward as it meets the hookless tire bed. Thanks to Zipp's Total System Efficiency (TSE) carbon laminate and design, the Super-9 is engineered for a new era of wider tires and lower tire pressure in TT and triathlon. Zipp bases its TSE approach to wheel design on a simple premise: Efficiency equals speed, perfect pavement or not. Combining Zipp's wheel laminate with a wider rim profile and optimized tire interface helps overcome the four barriers to speed: wind resistance, gravity, rolling resistance, and vibration losses. Guided
by TSE, Zipp remade the Super-9 from the rim-tire interface to its ceramic bearings. The result is less wasted effort for the rider. For triathletes, that means they'll have more energy for the run. The Super-9 pairs perfectly with Zipp's current tubeless front wheels.

The "old idea" is that it is always faster to pump up your tires rock hard before a time trial or triathlon. You felt every bump as you almost literally bounced down the road. Experiencing Zipp's dual innovations of hookless and TSE, riders on the Super-9 realize a disc wheel does not have to feel rigid to be fast. The Super-9 is fastest with 28mm tubeless tires inflated to lower than traditional pressure. So, beyond speed gains, riders will experience better handling and cornering on course in a disc significantly stiffer and more durable disc than its predecessor. Optimal tire pressure is crucial to maximizing speed on the bike. To ensure proper inflation, the Super-9 comes with the TyreWiz 2.0 tire-pressure monitor integrated out of sight and perfectly balanced so riders will always know if they are in their desired PSI/bar range. Inflation is a breeze with redesigned pump access. Moreover, the disc features a redesigned pump-access port-no stickers needed. The Super-9 features the premium ZR1 hub with ceramic bearings and 66 points of engagement.

- Carbon - Hookless
- Tubeless tires only
- XDR and also incl. 11 speed SRAM/Shimano body
- 28mm minimum and optimal tire size
- Integrated TyreWiz 2.0 tire pressure monitor (10g)
- Redesigned pump access with integrated cover - no sticker needed
- Hub ZR1
- Inside Width 23mm
- Ceramic bearings
- 12 x 142 mm thru axle
- Max System Weight 255lb / 115kg
- Max Tire Pressure 73 PSI / 5bar
- Weight(g) 1050g