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Rapha Toe Cover Tåskydd Svart

375 kr



A pair of neoprene toe covers for added warmth in cool conditions.

Toe covers are essential items in the kit bag of any self-respecting year-round rider, perfect for spring and autumn days when an overshoe would be too much. Shaped to fit perfectly with our Pro Team and Classic Shoes, the Rapha Toe Covers feature a neoprene upper that protects from rain and roadspray and keeps the foot warm even on long, wet rides. The sole is reinforced with kevlar for durability, with a velcro tab for secure fastening and quick adjustments. To match your Rapha shoes, the covers upper also features the trademark stripe while a reflective tab adds visibility in low light.

- Neoprene upper for weather protection and warmth
- Kevlar-reinforced sole for durability
- Can be worn underneath oversocks for extra warmth
- Velcro tab for secure fastening
- Reflective tab for visibility

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